Library Construction


The Villagers of Kouk Reang’, Chongkal District, Oddor Meanchey Province, asked if it were possible to have a VIllage LIbrary.

There are 105 families in Kouk Reang’.This LIbrary, however, is used by four other villages: Kouk Thnong, Ta Nouk, Kouk Trang, and Chiga Sreng. The Villagers did not want it attached to the local school as they felt a “Village LIbrary” would welcome use by adults too. 

The Kouk Reang’ Villagers agreed to be responsible for the labor. A team of 4-5 workers was responsible for the construction.

From April- June each worker was paid $4/day = 1600 Riels Cambodian currency.  Then the rate of pay was $5/day as the jobs required more skill. The Villagers worked on every aspect of the Library which meant learning new construction trades while continuing their livelihood as subsistence farmers. They worked under the direction of Soeun Pheay – a carpenter,mason, bricklayer, and also our District Coordinator.


Time Line



  1. Land donated by: Soeun Pheay

  2. Gift of the Ann and Quinn Bell Foundation underwrote the exterior Library construction

  3. Gift from Marilyn and Guy Berner made completion of the interior possible

April 2013


Construction began

August 2013



Siem Reap Province experienced terrible flooding. However, the Villagers had intentionally build the land above flood level so the Library was not affect

Sept – Dec 2013


  • A cement pipe well was dug to bring water to the Library.
  • A water tank provided water to the bathrooms
  • Toilets were installed.
  • The Library has separate bathrooms for men and women
  • Furniture: bookcase, tables, benches, shelves – were crafted by carpenter in nearby village

December 2014



  • Official opening 12/1/2014. It is open Monday-Friday 7:30-Noon; 1:00- 4:00.
  • Grand Dedication 1/17/2015The opening was celebrated by the Villagers with attendance by family representatives from the financial donors.
  • In December 2014 300 books were transported to the Library